Request a home visit

The doctor may telephone you to assess whether a visit is required, and may either give advice, arrange a surgery appointment or a home visit as is deemed appropriate.


A doctor or nurse can see many more patients in the surgery in the same time it takes to visit one patient at home, and the full facilities for examination are available only in the surgery.


Therefore, we offer home visits only to patients who the doctor or nurse feel are too ill to attend the surgery or who are registered as housebound.


We will not visit on the grounds of convenience, as this is unfair on other patients who would have to forego having an appointment in the surgery.


We expect patients to make arrangements for travel to and from the surgery. If you feel that you meet the criteria for a home visit, please ring before 10:30 am.

Obtain test results

Blood test results are usually (but not always) available five working days after the day of the test. X-rays may take two to three weeks, and cervical smears up to eight weeks.


You will be notified immediately if there is any abnormality which needs further action.


Lab tests online

Obtain a sick note

A medical fit note has replaced the sick note. It is not required for the first seven days of sickness.


You covered by Self Certification Form SC2


This form is used by an employee to provide their employer with details of sick absences of 4 or more days in a row. GP's are not obliged to issue fit notes for periods of sickness of less than seven days duration.


If you are likely to be off work for longer than seven days, you will need to see a doctor to ask for a fit note. If you require a repeat fit note, please ask the reception staff as you may not require an appointment for this.


Statement of fitness for work (fit note)                  


Fit Note Sample

Register with the practice

Please ask at reception for our current criteria for accepting new patients onto the practice list.


We will ask you to fill a registration form and attend a new patient medical before we can accept you onto the list.


Change personal details

If you change either your name, address or telephone contact details, please contact the practice either in person, by telephone or by email, so that we can make the necessary alterations to your records.


Log on to patient access to update your personal details

Arrange a medical

If you wish to have a general health assessment, please ask the receptionist.


If you require a medical for a HGV license, taxi license or anything similar, you will need to see a doctor.

Have a form filled

If you require a form to be filled, such as for the cancellation of a holiday on medical grounds, you can leave these at reception.


There will usually be a charge for all private forms of this nature, for which your insurance company will ask that you pay.


Please allow two weeks for completion.


Regular Clinics


We offer a number of different regular clinics providing a wide range of services.


We are always looking for ways to improve our range of services.





Some services are more infrequent than others.


Coil fitting


Contraceptive implant fitting


HGV Medical  - DVLA medical examination D4 form


Joint injections  


Joint Injection Consent  - form


Minor Surgery  - leaflet


Minor Surgery Consent  - form

Taxi Medical  - Tameside Hackney licence medical form

Please see the About Us link for more information on which doctors perform specific tasks.


Anticoagulant clinic (Wednesday morning 09:30 to 11:00)


Asthma monitoring


Blood pressure checks & monitoring


Blood tests


Cervical smears


Chronic disease management


Contraceptive monitoring




Diabetes monitoring


Diet advice


Ear Irrigation (syringing)


Otex Combi Pack (alternative affective method to ear irrigation which can be bought over the counter and is recommended)


ECG (heart tracing)


Minor illness clinic


New patient medicals, screening and testing

Smoking cessation clinic



Travel Health Advice

Vaccinations & childhood immunisations

Weight monitoring






You can now self refer yourself for physiotherapy by completing and sending off the attached physiotherapy self referral form.


Physiotherapy Self Referral            Physiotherapy guide


Monthly sessions are available for diabetic patients, providing advice on foot care.  


Foot health guide


Healthy Minds (formerly Talking Therapies)


The Healthy Minds service provides a range of treatment and support options for people struggling to cope with low mood, stress, anxiety, depression, or any of the common mental health problems.


Patients can self refer themselves by clicking the Online Referral Form




For one to one counselling, you can self refer yourself to the Topaz Wellbeing Centre


They can be contacted on 0161 330 9223.


Counselling guide            Mental health guide

Health Visitors

Provide a service revolving around the needs of children and parents from soon after birth.


They can be seen by referral from a doctor or nurse or seen at a drop in service on Thursday afternoons.


Their contact is 0161 366 2229.


Health Visitors


Birth to Five Book            The Red Book


Maria Adams offers regular antenatal care for expectant mothers on Tuesday.


You no longer need to see the doctor for a referral to hospital.


Please book to see Maria, who will make all the necessary arrangements, including the referral.


However, if you do not wish to continue with the pregnancy, you must see a doctor to discuss this.


Maria can be contacted on 0161 331 6159.


The pregnancy care planner            The Pregnancy Book

District Nurses

The district nurses are based at the Ann Street Clinic.


They offer a wide range of services including dressing changes and the injection of prescribed medicines.


They can be contacted on 0161 366 2243.