Staff Training Afternoon

The practice will usually be closed from 12:00pm on the third Thursday afternoon of every month for TARGET training.

TARGET training website

TARGET stands for Time for Audit Research Guidance and Educational Training.

To make sure our surgery staff can do their jobs effectively, the GP's attend the training sessions.

This is in line with government guidelines and goes towards their revalidation. Without revalidation they would be unable to practice. The sessions are very well attended by surgery staff.

They find it useful to set aside dedicated time to work with their colleagues from other practices.

When the surgery is closed for TARGET training you can still seek medical advice by dialling 111.

By taking part in a half day TARGET session ten times a year our GPs and Practice Nurses can:

  • Learn new skills which they can then use back in the surgery.
  • Learn about new treatments and approaches to care.
  • Work more closely with the hospitals and other care providers to make your care better.
  • Share their thoughts and ideas with each other to improve services.