Our core philosophy is all about promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle agenda

Here are some other great ideas that you can look at and follow through to ensure that you make a real positive difference for yourself, your family and your friends. Go for it!


Health Promotion

Healthy diet together with avoidance of smoking, limitation of alcohol intake and doing regular exercise helps in maintaining good health both physical and mental.

Health Promotion

Change 4 Life

Learn how to eat well, move more and live longer. And have fun along the way at the same time! Find out how you can really start changing life around for you your family and your friends.



Healthy Activities

How much physical activity do adults aged 19-64 years old need to do to stay healthy
Physical activity guidelines for adults

Early childhood (under 5 years old)
Physical activity guidelines for children (under five years)

Young people (5 to 18 years old)
Physical activity guidelines for children and young people

Older adults (65 and over)
Physical activity guidelines for older adults

Stress? What Stress?

Stress and anxiety can affect anyone at any time and can have consequences on job, family and health.

Find out how to sleep better, beat the blues, do more and feel more confident in yourself.

How to deal with stress

10 Stress Busters
10 stress busters

Mental Wellbeing

Evidence suggests there are five steps we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing.

If you give them a try, you may feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from life.

Five steps to mental well being

Your Personal Health Barometer

See how you measure up. Try out at home the psychological and aptitude tests, the instant weight calculators and lots more. Find out how healthy you really are with just a click of the mouse.

Live Well
British Heart Foundation

Drugs and Alcohol

Misuse of drugs and alcohol can destroy the fabric of the individuals, families and friendships. Whether it is for you or for someone else see how you can access help and advice.

Friendly, confidential drugs advice
Drinking and alcohol


Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

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