Home Visiting

This policy is taking into consideration the rising demands and our strive to maintain safe, high quality care for all of our registered patients.

Only patients who are terminally ill or truly bed bound will normally be granted a home visit.

All other patients are expected to attend the surgery.

Patients with common problems such as cough, joint pains, general malaise and those having abnormal test results are readily transportable by car either by relatives or by taxi.

It is not the doctor’s responsibility to arrange transport.

Benefits for patients seen at the surgery

  • We have full medical equipment and staff to give patients a higher quality of care.
  • They are likely to be seen quicker; We offer urgent same day appointments if needed.
  • They are guaranteed a face-to-face consultation rather than telephone consultation.

We offer appointments at the surgery 8.00am to 6.00pm which may go some way to help you to attend an appointment.

Also routine seven day access appointments are now available in Ashton and Hyde every evening and weekend, and these can be booked by ringing the surgery.