Oxford Hip Score

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The Oxford Hip Score is designed to assess function and pain in your hip. Please complete this self-assessment.

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Oxford Hip Score

Your Oxford Score is 

A score of 0 to 19 may indicate severe hip arthritis. It is highly likely that you may well require some form of surgical intervention.

Your Oxford Score is 

A score of 20 to 29 may indicate moderate to severe hip arthritis. You may require an assessment and x-ray.

Your Oxford Score is 

A score of 30 to 39 may indicate mild to moderate hip arthritis. Your GP may suggest that you have an assessment and possible x-ray. You may benefit from non-surgical treatment, such as exercise, weight loss, and /or anti-inflammatory medication.

Your Oxford Score is 

A score of 40 to 48 may indicate satisfactory joint function. You may not require any formal treatment.

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