NHS Referrals

Historically, if your GP assessed that you required a review by a Specialist in Secondary Care (i.e. by a specialist in a hospital), their referral letter was sent to a central booking area and they booked patient's appointments.

We are now able to book our patient's appointments here in the surgery. If a GP advises that you are being referred to a Specialist, could you please tell the GP which hospital you would prefer to attend. You will then be asked to collect a letter from the surgery containing details of your appointment plus how to change/cancel should you need to do so. It will also contain the two passwords you will need when discussing the appointment with your chosen hospital.


Self Referrals

The patient can self refer themselves to services like Healthy Minds, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. This would require the patient to complete the Online Form and either email or post it to the relevant service. There is currently a 6-8 week wait for these appointments.


Private Referrals

This is where patient decides who/where they want to be seen. They book their own appointment at their chosen hospital and should allow 3 days for the GP to prepare a referral letter for them to take with them to their appointment. The patient needs to advise the GP of the name of the consultant they have booked to see and their chosen hospital/physiotherapist etc. The GP can then prepare the required letter addressing it personally.